Support for this ConnectALL version ended in May 2020. Please consider upgrading to our latest version.

ConnectALL 2.9.1 release contains few significant improvements to the product & number of bug fixes reported from various sources. Below are some of the key highlights in this release


  • VersionOne Adapter enhanced to support Test entities
  • ServiceNow Adapter enhanced to support
    • Catalogue Variables
    • Synchronization of reference field attributes instead of its SySID
    • Time tracking on Project Tasks
    • Loading of individual tables in addition to standard ones
  • Salesforce Adapter enhanced to support the improved attachment capabilities in Lightning Force version
  • Jira Adapter enhanced to support
    • Internal & Public comments in Service Desk
    • Insight Custom fields
    • Cloud API changes for GDPR Compliance 
  • HPSM Adapter enhanced to support more entity types other than just Incident
    • Change
    • Change Task
    • Problem
    • Problem Task
    • Request
    • Request Task
    • Interaction
  • Remedy Adapter enhanced to support
    • Remedy v18 by ConnectALL
    • Assigned Group field in the mapping
    • Support of Comments
  • VSTS Adapter enhanced to support synchronisation of linked entity information in VSTS to a Text field in any adapter
  • Manage Connections feature in UI is enhanced and stabilised
  • ALM Octane Adapter enhanced to list drop-down field values in UI to ease mapping
  • And a number of bugs fixed (see below for details)

Features & Improvements

CAPROD-232 Support test cases and test results in VersionOne
CA-3989 ServiceNow - Allow loading of multiple catalogue variables
CA-3965 Salesforce: As a user, I would like to synchronize Files attached to an Object
CA-3956 Jira - Support Service Desk Comment Visibility
CA-3922 Synchronize ServiceNow reference fields with readable values instead of SySID
CA-3906 Support for Insight custom field in Jira
CA-3902 Support for Entity type Problem in HPSM
CA-3899 LDAP for Assignee Field - Server Timeout configuration required
CA-3892 Remedy v18 to be tested
CA-3887 Microsoft Common Adapter - Allow the user to pick API Link or User-Friendly Link for LinkTypes
CA-3883 Enhance manage connection utility screen and extend ReST API support for 3rd party integrations
CA-3882 ServiceNow - Support Time Tracking on Project Tasks
CA-3878 VersionOne - Allow mapping of TASK parent via ConnectALL UI
CA-3877 VersionOne - Allow mapping of TEST parent via ConnectALL UI
CA-3862 Fixing erroneous ConnectALL database connection after installation
CA-3853 Octane - load list values into UI
CA-3844 ServiceNow - Support loading individual tables without disabling the load of all other tables
CA-3839 Unable to update Assigned Group field in Remedy
CA-3832 Skip Status Transition to VSTS
CA-3810 Using VSTS relationships in ConnectALL custom business rules
CA-3807 Enhance ConnectALL capability for Remedy Adapter to support read and write forms
CA-3782 Enhance TFS adapter to solve connection leakage issues
CA-3626 Comment Support for BMC Remedy
CA-4004 ServiceNow - Load choice list values for variables in ConnectALL UI

CA-4050 Disable text value mapping for user lists
CA-4049 Unable to connect to Jira 5 and Jira 6 applications
CA-4001 Remove Connection Pooling for JIRA
CA-4000 Remove Jira 4 from Adapter Listing
CA-3995 Remove cookie based authentication in JIRA Adapter
CA-3972 Upgrade JIRA Adapter to support JIRA Cloud API changes for GDPR compliance
CA-3665 Remove Go2Group Logo from SaaS & Further releases in the ConnectALL application.
CA-3440 Update new logos for products we support in ConnectALL
CA-2611 ConnectALL UI: Value mapping should display names and id's in paranthesis as labels