Important Information – End of Support

Support for versions 2.9.x has ended. Upgrading to our latest version is recommended. Please contact our support team for further information.

December 5, 2018

We are glad to announce the release of ConnectALL version 2.9 to marketplace.  With this release, we have upgraded the ESB platform version from Mule 3.6 to Mule 3.9.  And have included support for JDK 8 and Tomcat 8 for ConnectALL.  The good news is, all needed platform upgrade will be handled seamlessly with the ConnectALL 2.9 version of Installer with zero or very minimal manual intervention for the upgrade.  We have successfully tested ESB platform upgrade in different OS platforms such as Windows Server 2008/2016, Linux Centos 6/7, Redhat 6/7, Ubuntu 14/18 with all ConnectALL supported databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres).  In addition we have also hardened the installer such that ConnectALL will be installed and run with dedicated non root user, thus having enhanced security.  Not just this we have also fixed number of bugs and Improvements to the core product and adapters.

[CA-3727] - Sync user from remedy and vsts using an AD lookup
[CA-3705] - Implement Timezone change date/datetime fields for the Message transport in UTC in Flows
[CA-3688] - CSAA-Support Test Case Steps for Microsoft Common Adapter
[CA-3672] - Attachment Create - REST URI Change
[CA-3670] - Remedy Connector - Proxy and TLSv1.2 support to be provided
[CA-3663] - ALM v14.0 Support
[CA-3661] - Detected in Release field to sync without value mappings
[CA-3631] - Support Test Case Steps for Microsoft Common Adapter
[CA-3590] - 4 hrs Time difference in custom Modified Tstamp field in ServiceNOW from ALM Modified Tstamp