Release 2.11.2



  • Support synchronization of Azure DevOps - Test Point.
  • Updated the User info API for Confluence Cloud.
  • Certified ConnectALL with MSSQL 2019 version.
  • Fixed the issue to fetch the GitHub - Private Repositories on the Entity Mapping.
  • Included Work Item Edition lightweight starter set to ConnectALL installer.
  • ConnectALL Installer for Insights Analytics will pre-install plugins required for the starter sets.

Release 2.11.1



  • Enhanced the Swagger Import for configuring Universal adapter.
  • Manage scripting support for Oracle, Postgres and MSSQL.
  • UI Improvements
  • Support synchronizing of Jira SLA fields to Custom Database
  • Improvements on Octane
    • Comment Author with User Name
    • Pagination for Application module & Sprints values
    • Synchronizing of custom list values
  • Upgraded multiple 3rd party components to improve security

Release 2.11.0

New Features

We are back with our latest version — ConnectALL 2.11. This version has got some exciting new features. Let's get to know what's new.

  • This version's installer includes an updated version of Tomcat.
  • We are introducing an API prototype that helps you to create an app link with all the basic, essential information. 
  • You can now use Swagger API definitions in the Universal Adapter configuration.
  • The Value Stream Visualizer gets a filtering option allowing you to filter and view the Value Stream.
  • Managing Business Scripts becomes much easier as you can now review and approve the Business Scripts in the UI.
  • In this version, you can add 'Teams'—a new feature in user management that allows you to share ConnectALL features such as Connections and Value Stream.
  • We have introduced many enhancements to the Dashboard that increase your ability and provide better control over your value stream.
  • ConnectALL Insights Analytics now adds predictability with machine learning to its feature list. Get ready for a powerful Insights experience that will take business decision-making to the next level.