2.10 Release Notes

Release 2.10.8


Value Stream Enhancements

There are two major enhancements in the Value Stream layout. Starting from this version,

    • You can directly create a new connection from the Value Stream layout itself, and
    • The Value Stream layout allows you to create an app-link between the nodes present in it.

For more information, click here.

Other Enhancements

  • The Bulk Link configuration feature is available for Admin, Editor, and Contributor roles. 
  • There are many usability enhancements in the Universal Adapter UI, which is going to improve your experience while you are creating and importing a Universal Adapter. 

Release 2.10.7


ConnectALL Insights

Great News! We’ve released ConnectALL’s Insights adapter and it is available now.

The ConnectALL Insights adapter,

  • Creates and populates the Insights Data Model for the various dashboards in Insights Analytics.
  • Connects to multiple sources/applications and gleans data.
  • Enables you to transform the data into contextual and actionable information which aids you to make rapid decisions.

Other Enhancement

The multi-project configuration feature is extended to our IBM Rational Team Concert and Azure DevOps adapters.

Release 2.10.6


Value Stream Enhancements

  • Starting from this version,

    • The installation process adds a default set of icons to the value stream visualizer, and they will be displayed under the Uploaded tab.

    • You can delete an uploaded icon from the value stream visualizer.

Other Enhancements

  • ConnectALL is now compatible with Oracle version 19c.

  • IBM Doors' latest version — 9.7.1 is now supported.

Release 2.10.5

Terminology Changes

  • We have clarified and simplified the Conflict Management Strategy terminologies. The new terminologies introduced in this version are:
    • Fixed – The application that you select as Fixed takes precedence in case of conflict and the values from the Fixed application will always overwrite the other.
    • Swap is the same as None – None was originally intended for use in the unidirectional app-links and unidirectional field mappings where a conflict-management strategy is not needed. Setting the strategy to Swap (None) disables the internal processing and caching of the field values. However, if you select Swap in a bidirectional app-link, it results in the field values getting swapped. We felt that 'Swap' more richly describes the behavior.


  • ConnectALL (Version 2.9.x and Version 2.10.x) is compatible with Microsoft SQL 2017.
  • The Project selection in Azure DevOps can now retrieve more than 100 projects.
  • When you import and export a Universal Adapter, the icons will be imported and exported as well.

Release 2.10.4


New Feature

A new logging feature that records the activities (such as enabling and disabling of app-links, creation, deletion, modification of app-links, etc…) in a separate log file, is introduced. Click here for more information.



Our sales and pricing model includes the concept of tiers, but until now those tiers haven’t been incorporated into the product license management. Starting from this version, the concept of a core license is introduced. The core license allows you to enable a specified number of application links. Click here for more information.

Reach out to your sales account manager to get a core license issued before you upgrade to 2.10.4


We have introduced filters in the alarms screen. These filters will help you to search through the list of alarms.

IBM Rational Doors and IBM Rational Team Concert Users

Starting from this version, we support multiple IBM Rational Doors NG app instances, and IBM RTC app instances (with the same URL) running on the same server.

Comments Visibility

We have enhanced the comments visibility feature that will help you when you are integrating ServiceNow and Azure DevOps.

Release 2.10.3


Universal Adapter Enhancement

  • Comment synchronization is now possible with ConnectALL’s Universal Adapter.

Multi-Project Configuration

  • From this version, the multi-project configuration feature is automatically enabled for the following adapters:
    • Atlassian Jira
    • Microfocus ALM/QC
    • Jama
    • Perforce Helix ALM
    • VersionOne
    • CA Agile Central Software
  • It is now possible to convert a single-project application link to a multi-project supported application link. For further information, click here.

Release 2.10.2




  • The alarm notifications feature is enhanced further. From now on, you will be able to configure each alarm type notification to be separately enabled/disabled for a particular user(s).

Adapter Enhancements

  • ServiceNow - The ServiceNow adapter is enhanced to support issue linking. For further information, click here.
  • AzureDevOps -  Starting from this version, you will be able to map the _URL field of any application to a hyperlinked field in AzureDevOps, and likewise, you can map the _URL field of Azure DevOps to a custom field of any application.

Universal Adapter Enhancements

  • Our Universal Adapter is now enhanced to send payload as URL query params for creating and updating records.
  • We have introduced a new UI to configure the external application provided API. For more information, click here.
  • From this version, you can export a universal adapter configuration along with its spec.
  • We now support PATCH ReST calls.

Release 2.10.1


ConnectALL 2.10.1 is available with improvements and bug fixes. For further information about the new version, please contact our support team


As you may already know, Microsoft is migrating organizations to use the new URL – https://dev.azure.com, for the Azure DevOps (SaaS) connections. To be in sync with that change, ConnectALL will be using this generic URL for all the app-links and will use the Collection/Organization to distinguish between organization and projects. Therefore, for Azure DevOps (SaaS), the collection/organization name will be used to determine the license count, and for on-premise Azure DevOps installations, ConnectALL licensing is per server endpoint.

Release 2.10.0


We are back with our latest version – ConnectALL Version 2.10. With this version, we present you a brand new user interface, packed with powerful new features to help you get the best out of your value stream. In this version, the UI is completely overhauled keeping in mind the ease of use. Let’s see what has changed. Read on.

What's new?

Top Navigation Bar

  • A re-organized top navigation bar that offers easy access to all the vital options such as Dashboard, Connections, Integrations, Value Stream, and Metrics. Along with this, on the right side of the bar, you will see a group of icons whose functions are listed below:
    • Bell icon – Provides access to the Alarms page.
    • Lifebuoy icon – Opens the help content.
    • Cog wheel icon – Hosts all the advanced configuration options including Database Settings, Universal Adapters, etc.
    • User icon – Provides access to the ‘User Management' page, ‘Change Password' page, and the Logout option. 

Brand new Home/Dashboard page

ConnectALL 2.10 has a new Dashboard that doubles up as a control station from where you can effectively monitor your complete value stream. The Dashboard offers:

  • The Value Stream layout that is going to be a game-changer for your value stream integration.
  • Activity Monitor that offers a snap-shot of real-time synchronization activity.
  • Access to logs included in the Manage Scheduled Links widget that allows you to view real-time logs directly from the Dashboard.

Value Stream Visualization

The first thing you notice when you open ConnectALL is a visual layout (a part of the Dashboard), that ushers you in. This visual layout is the brainchild of our relentless pursuit to improve your value stream management experience. It helps you by presenting all the connections and app-links in a visual layout, making it easier for anybody to discern them. Needless to say, it enables faster and effective decision making. There is more to it than you see here in the Dashboard. See Value Stream Visualization for more information.

Enhanced Administrative Privileges

The Admin users are granted access to view:

  • The reports of the app-links in their group, and 
  • The Mule logs of the app-links in their group

Any other changes to be noted?

The highlights that you read above are the main changes that you will see in this version. Other than these changes, all the other screens in the ConnectALL UI have gone through a complete makeover and looks refreshingly different but allows you to operate the same way you were operating before.

Will the refreshed UI change the way we use ConnectALL?

This update is bringing in a huge change to the user experience. Besides, there are not going to be any changes in how you use ConnectALL. The UI has been meticulously redesigned taking in to account all the human factors into consideration. So just use it the way you have been using it.

Thank you for your continued support, and for being a part of the ConnectALL community.