A great new UI refresh and significant new functionality is here!
See the 2.10 Release Notes for details.

2.10 Release Notes

We are back with our latest version – ConnectALL Version 2.10. With this version, we present you a brand new user interface, packed with powerful new features to help you get the best out of your value stream. In this version, the UI has been completely overhauled keeping in mind the ease of use. Let’s see what has changed. Read on.

What's new?

Top Navigation Bar

  • A re-organized top navigation bar that offers easy access to all the vital options such as Dashboard, Connections, Integrations, Value Stream, and Metrics. Along with this, on the right side of the bar, you will see a group of icons whose functions are listed below:
    • Bell icon - Provides access to the Alarms page.
    • Lifebuoy Icon - Opens the help content.
    • Cog Wheel Icon - Hosts all the advanced configuration options including Database Settings, Universal Adapters, etc.
    • User Icon -  Provides access to the ‘User Management' page, ‘Change Password' page, and the Logout option. 

Brand new Home/Dashboard page

ConnectALL 2.10 has a new Dashboard that doubles up as a control station from where you can effectively monitor your complete value stream. The Dashboard offers:

  • The Value Stream layout that is going to be a game-changer for your value stream integration.
  • Activity Monitor that offers a snap-shot of real-time synchronization activity.
  • Access to logs included in the Manage Scheduled links widget that allows you to view real-time logs directly from the Dashboard.

Value Stream Visualization

The first thing you notice when you open ConnectALL is a beautiful visual layout (a part of the Dashboard), that ushers you in. This visual layout is the brainchild of our relentless pursuit to improve your value stream management experience. It helps you by presenting all the connections and app-links in a visual layout, making it easier for anybody to discern them. Needless to say, it enables faster and effective decision making. There is more to it than you see here in the Dashboard. See Value Stream Visualization for more information.

Enhanced Administrative Privileges

The Admin users are granted access to view:

  • The reports of the app-links in their group, and 
  • The Mule logs of the app-links in their group.

Any other changes to be noted?

The highlights that you read above are the main changes that you will see in this version. Other than these changes, all the other screens in the ConnectALL UI have gone through a complete makeover and looks refreshingly different but allows you to operate the same way you were operating before. 

Will the refreshed UI change the way we use ConnectALL?

Well, it is bringing in a huge change to the user experience. Apart from that, there are not going to be any changes in how you use ConnectALL. The UI has been meticulously redesigned taking in to account all the human factors into consideration. So just use it the way you have been using it.

Thank you for your continued support, and for being a part of the ConnectALL community.