Important Information — License Notifications

ConnectALL will send out the license expiry notification on the 60th, 45th, 30th, and 7th days before expiry to the user configured in the Email Settings screen. If you do not want to be notified on all the days mentioned previously, you can choose to select a specific day(s) on which you want to be notified by making a modification in the ConnectALL properties file as explained below.

  • Open the located at MULE_HOME/conf/ 
  • Add the specific day against the line, notify.license.expire.daysafter property.

#send email notification on days before license expire


As per the above setting, the license expiry will be sent only on the 30th day before the expiry. If you want to add more days other than the 30th day, enter the days separated by a comma. For example, notify.license.expire.daysafter=30,20,10. 
When a license expires, ConnectALL will send one expiry notification, a day after the license has expired.