We have evaluated CVE-2022-22963 and CVE-2022-22965, the "Springshell" vulnerability, and have determined that ConnectALL is not vulnerable. Details are posted on this page.

License Configuration


The ConnectALL license is based on the number of server connections. Adding more than the allotted number of server connections, and/or enabling more than the number of licensed app-links will violate ConnectALL's EULA.  

Important Information — Core License in Version 2.10.4 and Later Versions

The ConnectALL core license contains an enabled app-link limit. ConnectALL will limit the number of enabled app-links based on that limit in the core license. You will either need a core license installed or a group license that includes your app-link limit to enable an app-link. This is explained in detail below:

  • When you try to enable more app-links than the allowed limit, ConnectALL displays an error.
  • When you have not installed a core license (even if you have installed a valid adapter license), you will not be able to enable any app-links (new app-link or a disabled app-link). When you try to do so, the error message — “You do not have a valid core license installed, or your core license has expired” is displayed.
  • If you have not installed a core license, the synchronization in your existing (already enabled) app-links will not be affected. The existing enabled app-links will continue to synchronize if you have a valid adapter license installed.
  • You will be able to see the total number of allowed enabled app-link count and total enabled app-link count on the license page.
  • If the core license expiry is approaching, the user configured in the Email Settings screen will receive an email notification titled ConnectALL Core License Renewal Notification that informs about the core license expiry date.

Please ensure that you uploaded the received license (either trial or production) in only one server of ConnectALL, and not in multiple servers of ConnectALL. Please request help from the support team. i.e., create a ticket in our support portal if there is a need to upload the license to multiple servers.

Uploading License

To upload a new license,

  1. Click the cogwheel icon on the right side of the navigation bar and click License. The License Manager page will be displayed

  2. Click the Upload New License Button. Your local drive will be displayed
  3. Select the license files that you have purchased from ConnectALL
  4. Once selected, click Open to load the license file

Each type of application you connect to ConnectALL will have its own license file. For instance, if you want to integrate two Jira and one HPE QC connections, you will have to upload a valid license that can connect two Jira and one HPE QC license files (Note: The valid license files (trial or production) would be provided by the ConnectALL support team upon request)

  • Individual application-level license support is available.
  • If you are not able to save a new license, please verify if the CONNECTALL_HOME environment is properly set to a writable folder.
Points to Remember
  • When requesting a new license, please mention the following:
    • The specific application name to which the license corresponds (Jira/HP/Rally etc...), and
    • The number of servers needed.
  • For purchasing the license, please send an email to sales@connectall.com. The production license will be emailed once the payment has been processed.

License Info

Only one license file for each application will be provided irrespective of the total number of servers. For example, only one Jira.key can be uploaded to connect two servers of Jira, and only one hp.key can be uploaded to connect one server of QC. The relevant files will hold all the necessary information. 

Valid license filenames are as follows:

Application License Filename
Atlassian Confluenceconfluence.key
Atlassian Jirajira.key
Azure DevOpsmsvststfs.key
BMC Remedyremedy.key
Rally\CA Agile Central Softwarerally.key
Cherwell Service Managementcherwell.key
Database database.key
Git Connectorstash.key
IBM DoorsNGdoorsng.key
IBM Rational ClearCase clearcase.key 
IBM Rational ClearQuest clearquest.key 
IBM Rational Doorsdoors.key
IBM Rational DOORS doors.key 
IBM Rational Team Concertrtc.key
Microfocus ALM Octaneoctane.key
Microfocus ALM/ Quality Centrehp.key
Microfocus Service Managerhpsm.key
Microsoft Dynamics CRM msdynamicscrm.key
Microsoft Project Onlineprojectserveronline.key
Microsoft Project Server projectserver.key 
Perforce Helix ALMp4.key
QMetry qmetry.key
Seapine/TestTrack seapine.key 
ServiceNow servicenow.key 
SmartBear QA Complete qacomplete.key
Azure DevOps Servertfs.key 
Tricentis Toscatosca.key

Note: If you are importing a ConnectALL core license, the license file name will be connectallCore.key.

Once you upload a license, it will be displayed as shown below along with the validity period and issue details. Click on the dustbin icon to delete any existing license.

A group license is supported in all ConnectALL versions. Below are the important features of the licensing model.

  • Individual application-level licenses do not always need to be uploaded separately. (For ex:) Jira.key, hp.key, etc.
  • You can request a group license for ConnectALL which will support multiple applications. A "connectall.key" will be provided or uploaded to the cloud, based on the request. A single "connectall.key" can hold multiple applications.
  • Group level license support can also be provided.
    (For ex:) You have TestGroup1 and TestGroup2, but you want to only allow users in TestGroup1 to configure application links in Jira and QC and only allow users in TestGroup2 to configure application links in Jira and TFS. A group license feature can support this.

  • To enable a group license, please create a group and share the group name with us. We need the name of the group to provide a group license.
  • When group licensing is enabled, please be sure that only one application link is providing access to a group.

License Upload

When using IE11 browser, if the "Upload License" button is not responding, please use Firefox or Chrome. Due to some settings IE11 can restrict the upload license behavior.

If it is not possible to use other browsers, please follow the below steps in IE11 to upload the license.

  1. Press F12 which will open up a popup or a new window or a new tab.
  2. On the right-hand side, an option to select or switch to other versions of IE will be available.
  3. Select 10 (IE10) and do not close the popup.
  4. The ConnectALL window would be refreshed. Now, again try with Upload License button. The window to select the file will be opened.