The following section describes how to uninstall the ConnectALL application installed in a windows environment.

Before you start

  • Find the location of your ConnectALL installation.  In the below example (image 1), the ConnectALL installation is in the C:\ drive, and the drive contains the items displayed in image 2. 

Image 1

Image 2

  • To ensure a clean uninstallation, ensure that,
    • All the services are turned off
    • All the files under the directory are closed.

Uninstallation Procedure

  • Click the Uninstall.exe file.  An information window is displayed prompting you,
    • To stop all the active services before you proceed, and
    • To close the files under the root directory where ConnectALL is installed. 
  • Click Next.  The ConnectALL Install window is displayed.
  • Acknowledge the removal of the existing ConnectALL installation and all its components. Click Next.
  • The uninstallation begins and the ConnectALL Uninstall screen displays the progress. Once it is complete, the screen displays the confirmation message as shown below.

  • Click Finish

The uninstallation is complete.