ConnectALL allows you to resync a particular record or a set of records by using an API. Using the Resync API, you will be able to sync a few selected records that have not been synced or failed to sync. In such scenarios, you can do a resync for those few records using this API, and do not have to use the resync option in the UI— that only offers the option of resyncing the records that belong to last one week or a period, thereby having to do a resync of all the records again. Using this API, you can even sync multiple records that belong to multiple automations at the same time.

Note that the records that you choose to resync will be synced in the next poll and not immediately. The API is authenticated by an API key or Basic Auth. It runs from the same port from where the PUSH service is configured.




Content TypeApplication/json
Request body



"applinkName" : "BugBugClone",





"applinkName" : "BugBugClone",




"applinkName" : "AlmJira",





Response body


    "Response": "Success",

    "Message": "The request is successfully pushed into ConnectALL queue! "


Points to Remember
  • In an On-Prem environment, only a CA-Admin user can execute this resync API, whereas, in SaaS, both the CA-Admin and a Group Admin can execute this API.
  • If you execute the resync API when the record is in the ‘retry’ state, then, the normal resync will get precedence over the API-triggered resync and the record will be processed as a retry record.
  • Let’s say the retry count for a record is exhausted and you have executed this API for that record. In such a scenario:
    • If it fails, then the retry count for the record will not be recorded; whereas, it will update the last sync error with the latest error message.
    • If it succeeds, it will update the last sync error to null, and the retry count will read ‘0’.  


curl --request POST http://localhost:7070/SyncService/resync?apikey=25143123-b1fa-4195-8197-6fd1ded51289 
--header "Content-Type:application/json"
--data-raw [{"applinkName":"ProdBugs2DB","origin":"left","idList":[CA-2312,CA-5678]}]