ConnectALL allows you to sync records to and from ALM applications to Zendesk with the Zendesk Adapter. ConnectALL interacts with the Zendesk application via its ReST API v2.

Supported Authentication


Supported Functionalities

(tick) Sync Fields

(tick) Sync Comments

(tick) Sync Attachments

(tick) Record Linking

(error) Sync Issue Linking


  1.  Create an automation between your application and Zendesk.
  2. Enter the connection details for the Zendesk adapter.

  3. Enter the credentials and validate the connection.
  4. Select the Conflict Management Strategy and click Configure.
Important Info – API Token

The ConnectALL Zendesk adapter can support API tokens via basic auth. 
The password field will usually contain the password (as below). 
password: [mypassword]
If you're going to use an API token, ensure that you provide the email address as user name and the API token value in the Password field.

password: [myapitoken]

Entity Mapping

The supported entity type in Zendesk is "Tickets" and the supported issue types under tickets will be listed.

Field Mapping

ConnectALL supports Zendesk standard fields and the custom fields.

Field MappingField Configuration

The "Description" field in Zendesk is mandatory for ticket creation in Zendesk. However, once created, the description field can't be modified or edited. To avoid sending the description field as an update request to Zendesk, you will need to have the above configuration for the description field.

Important Info – Description field

Note that in Zendesk, the 'Description' field is the 'Comments' field. However, if you want to enable comment visibility, use the 'Comments' field — as the 'Comment Visibility Value Mapping' option is available only for the 'Comments' field and not for the 'Description' field. 

Comment Field Mapping

If the linked ALM application (E.g: Jira, ServiceNow) supports private, or internal comments, then both public and private comments will be synced from Zendesk.

Configuration for Private/Internal Comments

Provide the username mapping for the private comments. Please give the exact username that is displayed in Zendesk.

Attachment Field Mapping

The Attachments in Zendesk can be added only with the comments.

Attachment added in ZendeskWhen you sync attachments from Jira to Zendesk, they will be added in the Zendesk ticket with a comment ("Comment added by CA").  This is because in Zendesk an attachment can be added only with a comment. However, the added comment will not be synced back to Jira.

Record Linking ID Synchronization

ConnectALL's Zendesk adapter supports Record linking ID synchronization. To establish record linking, map the Ticket_ID field (in Zendesk) as shown below: 

Time Difference Configuration

To know how to calculate the time difference, and configure it in the ConnectALL UI,  read the topic Time Difference Configuration.