Enable Pagination support

The universal adapter supports pagination. To enable the pagination support, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the cogwheel icon on the top right corner of the navigation bar and click Universal Adapters from the drop-down menu. The Universal Adapters page lists the adapters that you have created and the name of the adapter will be displayed in the blue title bar. 
  2. On the adapter in which you want to enable the pagination support, click the downward-facing arrow on the right side corner of the blue title bar (that displays the adapter name) to expand. This will display all the fields in the adapter.
  3. Click Edit Configuration. 
  4. Click to select the pagination supported attribute. This will enable the pagination configuration.
  5. Click Configure against Pagination Attributes. This will open up the pagination attributes configuration (explained below).
  6. Configure the required attributes and click Save.

Pagination Attributes

ConnectALL supports the following two pagination models for the Universal Adapter.

  • Offset
    • Query param
    • Request Payload
  • Web-Link
    • Response Header
    • Payload

Offset Pagination Model

When you select the offset model, the required attributes for the model will be displayed. Update the attributes and click Save.

Offset Model Attribute and Description

Offset Model AttributeDescription
Total Modified RecordsThe field from which the total modified records will be retrieved from the response payload.
OffsetThe offset field name in which the offset value has to be sent to the adapter, either in the query string or in the request payload.
Page Size

The page size attribute name, that specifies the maximum results which have to be fetched on a page.

Based on the properties configured, the initial values will be taken from the default value in the query string/from the request payload. The subsequent values for the offset will be calculated based on the number of records retrieved and the page size.

Web-Link Pagination Model

When you select the Web-Link model, the required attributes for the model will be displayed. Update the attributes and click Save.

Web-Link Model Attribute and Description

Web-Link Model AttributeDescription
Link AttributeThe attribute from which the links for the next page has to be found.
Link Location

From where ConnectALL has to lookup for the Link Attribute from response Header/Payload

Header – The Links returned in the response will be processed and qualified, in which the relation is rel="next”

Payload – The configured attribute name will be considered and proceed towards pagination. If there is no link attribute in the response, the pagination will not be processed.