Universal Adapter


The Universal Adapter allows you to add any application connector dynamically. ConnectALL has defined a standard request and response format for the synchronization process.

Supported Functionalities

(tick) Sync Fields

(tick) Sync Custom Fields

(tick) Sync Comments (Only for ConnectALL Provided API)

(tick) Sync Attachments (Only for ConnectALL Provided API)

(error) Sync Issue Linking

ConnectALL's Universal Adapter supports two very different approaches to integrating with applications. In one approach, the Universal Adapter is in control of the polling and queries an API provided by the other application. In the other approach, the other application is in control of the polling and queries an API provided by ConnectALL.

External Application Provided APIThis approach is suitable when the application you want to integrate with provides a ReST API that ConnectALL can use to query/poll for changes to objects/entities, to read records/objects/entities from the other application, to put new records to the application, and to put changes to records back to the application. To adopt this approach, you can specify the application's API and data transformations in the ConnectALL configuration screen. Once configured, ConnectALL will poll the other application using that application's ReST API.

ConnectALL Provided APIConnectALL has exposed a set of Rest APIs that other applications or scripts can use to query (poll) for modified records, to retrieve modified records, to put new records, and to post modifications to the destination application. Whenever your application or script uses ConnectALL's APIs, ConnectALL will then respond by managing the synchronization or data retrieval with the mapped application.

In either case, the configuration of a Universal Adapter begins with the configuration of the adapter descriptor that we discuss in the other pages.