With ConnectALL's support for SAP Cloud ALM, you will be able to configure the SAP Cloud ALM adapter and sync records from it to other applications.

Supported Authentication        

(tick) O Auth

Supported Functionalities

(tick) Sync Comments

(tick) Sync References

(error) Sync Custom Fields

(error) Flow Filter

Supported Entities

(tick) Tasks

(tick) Sub-tasks

(tick) Requirements

(tick) User Story

(tick) Defects


You can configure the SAP Cloud ALM adapter through the Value Stream Designer screen. The first step is to create a connection. To create a connection, drag the SAP Cloud ALM adapter icon from the left panel onto the canvas; then draw a line between the SAP Cloud ALM icon and the other adapter you wish to connect. To know more about this in detail, click here

Configuring SAP Cloud ALM Connection

You will need the below details to create the SAP Cloud ALM connection:

  • URL (Add the URL of the SAP Cloud ALM.)
  • Client ID*
  • Client Secret*

Refer to this document for the procedure to generate a Client ID and Client Secret in the SAP Cloud ALM application. 

Entity Mapping

In the below image, SAP Cloud ALM's tasktype 'Defect' is selected to be mapped to Jira.

Field Mapping