ConnectALL supports syncing of records from Perforce Helix ALM. ConnectALL uses Perforce Helix ALM's SOAP API to perform the sync operation. The following issue types are supported.

  • Defects, Requirements, Test Cases, Test Run records
  • Standard and Custom fields in Perforce Helix ALM records
  • Comments
  • Attachments

Configuring an Automation

Select "Perforce Helix ALM" from the application drop down box along with the destination application as shown in the graphic below (we are using Quality Center 11+ as an example), give it a name, and click the Map Apps button. 

Entity Mapping

The Perforce Helix ALM adapter lets you select the project and test track type. In addition, you can also map multiple projects in one automation as documented in the multi-project configuration page. 

Advanced Properties

Poll Query

Perforce Helix ALM adapter does not use the filters similar to other adapters, unlike other adapters, we need to define the filters in the Test Track with a specific name to use the API for polling the defects. Refer to the Perforce Helix ALM configuration section for more details.

Sync Option

Poll sync of Perforce Helix ALM will not be able to pull the records based on the last sync time; it will need specific configuration in the Perforce Helix ALM Instance to pick the modified records. The smallest time interval for a query in Perforce Helix ALM is one hour, so instead, we use a trigger approach. 

Field Mapping

Perforce Helix ALM is not able to pull metadata of the datatype of the specific field, so the user will need to select the corresponding type when field mapping. 

  1. Select the fields to be mapped and click on the "+" icon as shown in the graphic.

  2. In the pop-up window that opens, select the data type for the Perforce Helix ALM field, and click "Save"

  3. For select lists, you should be able to select the list name in the "Source List Type" dropdown.

  4. Once you select the "List Type," ConnectALL will pull the allowed values for this field to be used when value mapping.


Perforce Helix ALM Specific Configuration

The Perforce Helix ALM instance needs some specific configurations for ConnectALL to sync records. Below are the list of steps that need to be configured.

  • Creation of a public folder
  • Creation of a trigger
  • Creation of a Filter

Public Folder Creation

Click on "Folders" and add a new folder under the "Public" folder called ModifiedItems as shown below

Trigger Configuration

Normally, ConnectALL polls an application by using a query that finds all the records updated since the last sync. The trigger copies new or updated issues to a special folder called /Public/ModifiedItems.

  1. Navigate Tools -> Administration -> Automation Rules...

  2. Select "Issues" as Type and navigate to the Triggers tab and click the Add button to create a new trigger

  3. In the opened window, enter the Rule name and navigate to the "Trigger When" tab and check the "After save" checkbox and then select "Issue is created" 

  4. Navigate to "Actions" tab and click on "Add" button
  5. Select "Add to folder" in Action, and select the folder Public/ModifiedItems

Filter Configuration

A filter needs to be created as defined in the table below, the filter name should match the issue type selected in the automation

Issue type

Filter Name





Test Cases


Test Run


The Filter will pull the records from the Modified Items folder. 

If you need to add any more filters to restrict the records to be synced by ConnectALL, you will need to define them in the Filter above. 

Sync Test Steps of a Test Case

ConnectALL supports syncing of Test Steps of a Perforce Helix ALM Test Case. Since the test steps in Perforce Helix ALM are stored in plain text, the steps need to be properly formatted for them to be synced correctly. 

Supported format of Perforce Helix ALM Test Steps in Grid Format

Supported format of Perforce Helix ALM Test Steps in Text format

Field Mapping for syncing Test Steps: 

Note: Editing a test step will create a new test step in the destination application, instead of updating the existing test step. 

Known Issues

  • Type information of the fields cannot be fetched, and is needed to be chosen manually.
  • If a custom field has the same name of a standard field, then the custom field cannot be set by ConnectALL.

Time Difference Configuration

To know how to calculate the time difference, and configure it in the ConnectALL UI,  read the topic Time Difference Configuration.