ConnectALL supports the syncing of records from the ALM Octane server to other applications. Choose the Octane option as illustrated in the below image to configure an automation.

Automation Configuration

Configuration of Application Server

You will need the below details to create the application in the Octane application server.  

  • URL (Add the URL of the Octane installed location)
  • Username
  • Password
  • Shared Space Id

Note: Either Username & Password or Client ID & Client Secret must be entered for authentication. 

The Client ID & Client Secret can be generated from Octane application settings. Refer to the ALM Octane Guide for detailed configuration steps.

Supported Authentication

(tick) Username/Password–Cookie Based Authentication 

Supported Entities

(tick) Defect

(tick) Story

(tick) Epic

(tick) Feature

(tick) Quality Story

(tick) Gherkin Test

(tick) Task

(tick) Test Manual

(tick) Test Suite

(tick) Run Suite

(tick) Run Manual

(tick) Run Automated

(tick) Requirement Folder

(tick) Requirement Document 

The entities 'Requirement Folder' and 'Requirement Document' are supported in ConnectALL.

Supported Functionalities

(tick) Multi-Project Configuration

(tick) Sync Fields

(tick) Sync Custom Fields

(tick) Sync Comments

(tick) Sync Attachments

(tick) Sync Issue Linking

(tick) Status Transition Mapping

Note that when synchronizing Comments, Octane will by default provide the User ID instead of the Author Name for the comment. If you would like to synchronize the Author Name instead, please take these actions:

  1. Enable the Comment Author property in your file. To do this you'll need to find the ConnectAll property file, copy and paste the text below, then save the file:
  2. Update the Advanced Properties to reflect your Octane Version. You'll need to navigate to the Connections Tab and click the Advanced icon next to your Octane connection under the Action column:

    On this screen, add the following information and then click Save Properties. See the screenshot below with an example:
    1. Under Property Key, type out APPLICATION_VERSION
    2. Under Property Value, type out the actual version of your Octane environment. If your Octane environment is a Cloud version, simply provide the value as CLOUD.

      If you are on a legacy version of Octane (12.53 or below), please type out the exact version as seen below.

Attachment Feature

        (tick) Create

        (tick) Update

Entity Mapping

The Octane adapter requires a special field 'shared SpaceId' to create and update the entities in the required workspace.  Also listed below are the different entity types allowed in the ConnectALL sync process.

Field Mapping

The below screenshots provide a sample automation from Jira to Octane where Bugs are mapped to Defect. 

Important Information
  • If you want to sync the fields such as ‘Invested Hours’, ‘Estimated Hours’, or ‘Remaining Hours’ in Octane with another application, make sure you create a corresponding ‘Task’ for the ‘Defect’ (that holds this data). The reason being, those fields are read-only in a ‘Defect’. So synchronizing to a read-only field will generate an error. On the other hand, the same fields in a ’Task’ are editable and will sync successfully.
  • Let’s say you are syncing Jira’s Task and an Octane Defect. Along with the automation that connects these entities, create another automation between Jira’s Sub-Task and Octane’s Task. When you do that, the fields (Invested Hours, Estimated Hours, Remaining Hours) will sync successfully as they are part of a Task and are editable.
  • If you are Mapping the entities Requirement Folder' and 'Requirement Document', map the 'Parent' field. 
  • Starting from version 2.10.35, ConnectALL supports selecting multiple values in Octane's 'Release Type' field. If you have already chosen a single value in the 'Release Type' field in Octane, now you can change that selection to multiple values. For the multiple value selection in the 'Release Type' field to sync — modify the automation, and remap Octane's 'Release Type' field through the 'Field Mapping' screen. Multiple value selections in the 'Release Type' field will sync if you do this.

Multi-Project Configuration

The Multi-Project configuration feature is available for Micro Focus ALM Octane. To configure multi-project, select the option ALL against the Workspace field in the Entity Mapping screen. Also, select to map the Workspace field in the Field Mapping section. For further information on Multi-Project Configuration, click here.

Important Information

Micro Focus ALM Octane's version 12.53 is supported by ConnectALL. Do the below procedure to include the version in the ConnectALL application.

  1. Click Connections from the top navigation bar. The Manage Connections screen will be displayed.
  2. Click the cogwheel icon against the Micro Focus ALM Octane connection. The Connection Advanced Properties screen will be displayed. 

  3. Enter the Property Key as APPLICATION_VERSION and Property Value as 12.53
  4. Click Save Properties

Reference Field Mapping

ConnectALL supports the 'Reference Field Mapping' feature for Micro Focus ALM Octane. Note that the following field types are supported and are available for selection from the Reference Field Mapping field drop-down list on the Field Configuration screen.

  • Phase
  • Release
  • Sprint
  • Team
  • Taxonomy

To map a reference field,

  • Click the cogwheel icon against a mapped row. The Field Configuration screen will be displayed.
  • Select the required field type against the 'Reference Field Mapping' field. In the below image, the option 'phases' is selected (which is the 'field 'type').
  • Select the desired attribute (ex: Metaphase) of the chosen field type from the following drop-down list. Note that ConnectALL syncs this attribute value.

If a field is a reference field, then the 'Reference?' column against that field displays 'true' in the Field Mapping screen.


Time Difference Configuration

To know how to calculate the time difference, and configure it in the ConnectALL UI,  read the topic Time Difference Configuration.