ConnectALL interacts with the Jama application via its ReST API. 

Supported Authentication


(tick) Open Authorization (OAuth)

Supported Functionalities

(tick) Sync Fields

(tick) Sync Comments

(tick) Sync Attachments

(tick) Sync Issue Linking

(tick) Status Transition Mapping

Supported Artifacts

The artifacts are retrieved from the Jama connector dynamically. It supports all the custom and system artifacts created in the Jama server.

How to Generate OAuth Client Credentials — Client ID and Client Secret

Jama cloud-hosted users can now authenticate ReST calls via OAuth through ConnectALL. To use this as the method of authentication, follow the below procedure.

  1. Login to JamaCloud with the basic credentials.
  2. Navigate to change the user settings and click the "Set API Credentials" button.
  3. Enter a name for your application/integration.

  4. Click the "Create API Credentials" button.

  5. Be sure to copy your Client ID and Client SecretThe secret is only displayed once!

Now, configure the client credential in ConnectALL to exchange for an access token which will request the ReST API. This access token will be viable for a specific time. When the access token expires, ConnectALL internally owns a fail-over logic that will revive the access token periodically ensuring no hindrance to the iterative ReST API calls it makes.

Configure Automation


A Jama application URL is required to configure. There will be two authentication types available for user selection — Basic and OAuth. The configured Jama username/Client must have sufficient privileges to load projects and their metadata. 

Entity Mapping

project and itemType are the entities required for the Jama adapter. Based on the itemType, the fields will be retrieved.

Field Mapping

ConnectALL supports all the system and custom fields available on the Jama server.

The parent field is a required field. Based on the parent, the items will be created under the specific entity.

Comment Field Mapping

For comment synchronization, select the Comment field from the Jama application.

Multi-Project Configuration

The Multi-Project configuration feature is available in the Jama adapter. Follow the below steps.

  1. Select the "Multiple" option from the Project field dropdown in the Entity Mapping tab and click "Configure fields".
  2. In the Field Mapping Properties section, add the project field and map the projects to be synchronized. This mapping is mandatory for synchronization.

This feature is explained here in detail.

Flow Filter

Please read the Flow Filter documentation available here.

Time Difference Configuration

To know how to calculate the time difference, and configure it in the ConnectALL UI, read the topic Time Difference Configuration.