ConnectALL's IBM Rational DOORS adapter allows you to configure IBM Rational DOORS and sync records from it to other applications.

What's Supported


(tick) Username/Password

(tick) Consumer and Secret Key

Entity Types

(tick) Test Module

(tick) Requirements

Unsupported Fields

(error) Comment

(error) Attachments

(error)  Issue Linking (Only External links are supported)



Entity Mapping

The Entity Mapping screen of IBM Rational DOORS (DWA) allows you to choose the catalog, module, ticket type, DWA version as displayed below.

Flow Filters

We have provided the flow filters here.

Time Difference Configuration

To know how to calculate the time difference, and configure it in the ConnectALL UI, read the topic Time Difference Configuration.

Field Mapping

ConnectALL supports all the system and custom fields available on IBM Rational DOORS application.

DOORS requires a special mapping of the Summary and Description fields to create and update requirements as displayed below.


OSLC Configuration

Setting up the connection to DOORS also requires the creation of a consumer key and secret.  For further information on how an administrator can set this up, click here 

Record ID Synchronization

Say you have mapped Jira’s CA_External_Id field and IBM DOORS’ Absolute Number field. Once you have mapped, when you create a record in Jira, the record ID in Jira will sync into DOORS, but the record ID in DOORS will not sync back to Jira. In such a scenario add the following property in the file.


Note that ‘jira2doors’ is the app-link name and the absoluteNumber is the absolute number’s field id.

  • Also, this addition to the property file is necessary only if you are using an absolute number field. If you are using identifier fields to establish record linking, this is not necessary.
  • ConnectALL supports only regular record linking for absolute number as dynamic linking will not work for absolute number.
  • Dynamic linking is supported for the identifier field.

Important: The above property addition is applicable only if you are on version 2.10.19 or below. In the version 2.10.20 and above, record linking will work for absolute numbers.

Rich Text Fields

ConnectALL supports RTF format in synchronizations. If you want the rich text fields to be supported, please select the Data Type as InlineHTML.

DOORS Connection Timeout

DOORS connection timeout has been made to be configurable to avoid timeout while fetching bulk modifications. The default connection timeout is 30 seconds. Add the following property on MULE_HOME/conf/ file. 

#time in milliseconds

Installing OSLC Service for ConnectALL

ConnectALL requires a custom OSLC service to verify the status of lock acquired on a DOORS module before making an update to DOORS record. This needs to be installed on the DOORS server. For installation queries, contact our support team. 

Enumeration Fields

To display the Enumerated field value in the Value mapping, DXL scripts has to be installed. Please contact the support for the DXL script and the configuration details.