Supported Entity Type

(tick) Activity 

(info) UCM activity will identify the set of versions created during a specific development task.


  • Defects/Change Requests created in Jira or other ALM systems are synchronized as a new UCM Activitiy in ClearCase. 
  • Developers can commit their changes against an Activity. 
  • Changes made against an Activity can be viewed in Jira as ChangeList. 


ConnectALL will interact with ClearCase via CCRC WAN Server

Configuration Details

  • CCRC Server URL and its credentials.
  • PVOB - Project VOB.
  • View - Integration view name.

Field Mapping

ConnectALL supports the ability to sync changelist of an activity in two formats. Click on the Datatype icon highlighted in the above screenshot to choose one of the following types.

  1. String - ChangeList in html formatted string.
  2. URL - ReST URL to render changelist in json format. (ConnectALL-Jira add-on available to render the json content in issue tab panel).

Sample screenshot of Jira add-on to render ClearCase changelist below:

Refer ConnectALL Jira Plugin for more details.

ClearCase Trigger Configuration

The connector cannot poll the changes in ClearCase activities. ClearCase triggers can be configured to PUSH changes to the ConnectALL server for synchronization.

1. Create a Perl script to invoke ConnectALL ReST service with modified Activity id to sync the changes.

Sample ReST payload






 Refer the ReST API section for more details about URI and payload format.

2. Create a new trigger


cleartool mktrtype -c "Trigger to push modified activity to ConnectAll" -element -all -postop checkin -execwin "ccperl %CC_TRIGGER_PATH%\"  -print CLEARCASE_ACTIVITY@/CCDemo


cleartool mktrtype -c "Trigger to push modified activity to ConnectAll" -element -all -postop checkin -execunix "ccperl $CC_TRIGGER_PATH\"  -print CLEARCASE_ACTIVITY@/CCDemo

Time Difference Configuration

To know how to calculate the time difference, and configure it in the ConnectALL UI,  read the topic Time Difference Configuration.