ConnectALL interacts with the HEAT application via its SOAP API. 

Supported Authentication


Supported Functionalities

(tick) Sync Fields

(tick) Sync Comments

(tick) Sync Attachments

(error) Sync Issue Linking

Configure Application Link


It is required to provide a SOAP service URL. The configured HEAT user must have sufficient privileges to load projects and its metadata. 

Entity Mapping

The supported entity types are Incidents.

Field Mapping

ConnectALL supports HEAT standard fields and custom fields.

For Select field datatype, you must choose the Values List Type (HEAT global list type) as shown in the screenshot below, so that the values of the select field will be available on the value mapping screen. Clicking on the icon within the designated field will prompt the below screen for the list selection

Comment Field Mapping

For comment synchronization, select the Journal#Notes field from Heat application.

If needed, please see the Flow Filter page for help.

Time Difference Configuration

To know how to calculate the time difference, and configure it in the ConnectALL UI,  read the topic Time Difference Configuration.