Use this adapter to configure the TFS application (on-premise only). Any version of TFS can be configured and it is supported. However, to configure Visual Studio Team Services (or Azure DevOps Cloud), we  request you to use Microsoft Common Adapter (or Azure DevOps) adapter. The TFS URL should be configured without the team project collection (for example, http://localhost:8085/tfs), and the team project collection has to be configured in the team project text box.

TFS Connection Pooling Configuration

The number of concurrent TFS connections can be controlled by the configuration in MULE_HOME/apps/ The default configuration is:

<tfs:config name= "tfs" >
          maxActive= "20"
          maxIdle= "1"
         initialisationPolicy= "INITIALISE_NONE"
         exhaustedAction= "WHEN_EXHAUSTED_GROW"
         maxWait= "120000" />

Before you edit

Stop the ConnectALL core service when updating this configuration.

Refer the Connection Pooling Profile Configuration Reference page for attribute details.

Syncing Test Steps of a Test Case

ConnectAll supports syncing test steps of a TFS test case. In order for ConnectAll to properly sync the test steps, both the step name and result can not be empty. As of today, ConnectALL does not support syncing the attachments in a test step. 

Field Mapping for Syncing Test Steps

Note: Any test step edited will be created as a new test step in the destination application instead of updating the existing test step. 

Time Difference Configuration

To know how to calculate the time difference, and configure it in the ConnectALL UI,  read the topic Time Difference Configuration.