ConnectALL takes advantage of Jira WebHooks to allow Jira to push the Jira issue changes to ConnectALL in real-time. This will eliminate the need for ConnectALL to poll Jira for changes. When Jira pushes a change to ConnectALL, ConnectALL immediately synchronizes those changes into the destination application.

Jira WebHook Configuration

  1. Navigate to the Jira administration console > System > Advanced section > WebHook.
  2. Click Create a WebHook button. This action will open a page as shown below,

  3. Enter the name to identify the WebHook and provide the URL where the ConnectALL ReST service is hosted.

    ConnectALL REST service URL


    SyncService is running on port 7070 by default. We may need to create a reverse proxy to access this service on port 7070 from a remote Jira server. The elements of the URL are explained in the below table.

    ApplicationLinkNameThe application link that is configured to receive PUSH requests.
    OriginIt could be the source (left) or destination (right) based on the side where Jira is configured in the automation.
    ${issue.key}The implicit variable in Jira. In place of this, Jira will dynamically send the actual issue key of created/updated Jira issue.
    apikeyUnique token to authenticate the request in ConnectALL. Please refer to the User Management section to learn about apikey generation.
    Note: Sync Type (under the Advanced Properties section) in an automation must be set to PUSH for ConnectALL to process requests from WebHooks.

  4. check the created & updated Issue boxes as highlighted in the screenshot above.
  5. Make sure you check the Exclude Body checkbox.  

  6. Click Save to create the WebHook.