The ConnectALL Jira plugin enables a couple of features.

  • Preserves the original author of comments (i.e. from the source-system, into Jira). 
  • Renders the source control commits in the Jira Software. The plugin implements the Jira issues tab panel to render the changelist of version-controlled applications jobs/activities. 

Plugin Compatibility

CA-Jira-PLUGIN is compatible with Jira 6.x, Jira 7.x, Jira 8.x, and Jira 9.x


CA-Jira-PLUGIN — Jira 6.x

CA-Jira-PLUGIN — Jira 7.x

CA-Jira-PLUGIN — Jira 8.x

CA-Jira-PLUGIN — Jira 9.x

Note: Contact support to request login credentials.

Comment Author Configuration

In Jira, due to security reasons, by default, when ConnectALL syncs a comment into Jira, the actual author of a comment (in the source system) will be ignored; The comment will be added to Jira via the ReST API and therefore the logged-in user (the ConnectALL sync user) will appear as the comment author in Jira. Jira users, however, would prefer to see the name of the source-system user who added the original comment. Using the ConnectALL Jira plugin, ConnectALL reroutes the CRUD operations of comments to a custom API that adds the comments (with the user id) passed to it. This method can be used only if you are using Jira on-premise.

Steps to Configure

  1. Install the plugin in your Jira environment where you want the comment author to be added correctly. 
  2. Configure the below properties in the CONNECTALL_HOME/conf/ file.

# Below configurations required to enable the Actual Comment user update in Jira
jira.comment.plugin.enabled = true
# Configure the application link for which the Jira comment actual user has to be applied

You can configure an automation to enable the ConnectALL Jira plugin for comment author from the UI without needing to modify the "jira.custom.api.application" property in file. 

Enabling the ConnectALL Jira Plugin from UI

You can enable the ConnectALL Jira Plugin from the UI also. The option will be available when you are creating an automation and is also available for existing automations. To enable the plugin from the UI,

  1. Go to the Entity Mapping tab. 
  2. Click the 'Enable' option against the ‘ConnectALL jira plugin for Comment Author’ field(below image). Note that, by default, the 'Disable' option will be selected. 

This option will be available only for the Jira adapter and the option will be visible only if you set the value as true in the below properties:


jira.comment.plugin.enabled (see the image in the Steps to Configure section)

Source Control Configuration

This page allows users to configure the ConnectALL URL, credentials, and Jira custom field to be used to store ConnectALL part URL. This page can be accessed from the Jira add-ons page.

The Source Control Configuration page will look as shown below. You have to select Connector Name and Custom Field Name to be used to store the ConnectALL part URL. Click the Add button to add the selected Connector Name and Custom Field Name to the table. The Delete button will be available in each row (see the second picture below) to delete the selected row. Use the Save Settings button to save the configuration page.

The Source Control Configuration page after users have specified the details:


The issue view in Jira that displays the commit information — An example from ClearCase:

Edit and Store Velocity Template of the Connector

If you click on the Edit VM button on the configuration page, a popup dialog will be shown with velocity template content where you can edit and store the velocity template contents. The Modified content will be applied in the issue tab panel in the appropriate connector tab.  An example of the edit and store velocity template screen is shown below: