Application Lifecycle Management is critical for any enterprise. Different business functions naturally prefer different tools which can lead to a complex setup such as multiple teams, ALM tools, and countless data sources. This kind of complexity can make it challenging to accelerate development and deliver a quality product to all your customers. That is where an enterprise-class solution like ConnectALL can help. By accelerating your product development and unifying your data across ALL your ALM systems, ConnectALL allows everyone in your organization to work in the ALM system they prefer while data, workflows, and requirements synchronize - automatically!


ALM support

ConnectALL works with what you have. It supports most enterprise-class ALM and DevOps systems giving you a stable and connected platform for Change Management, Requirements Gathering and Traceability, Quality Management, Version Control, Orchestration, Triggering, and Project Management.

See the full list of supported applications here.

Real-time synchronization

Automatic, bi-directional data synchronization connects distributed systems. ConnectALL enables global teams and OEMs collaboration in near to real-time, with limited access to your main systems and other projects.

Conflict management

ConnectALL eliminates confusion and errors. It automatically detects and resolves conflicts in the ALM/DevOps ecosystem with its built-in, robust conflict detection mechanism.

Tune agility

Develop to the full potential of Agile development methodology. Automatically unified ALM systems improve speed, flexibility, and cross-functional collaboration.

Enhanced visibility

See the complete picture in one ALM tool while you allow different teams to use their preferred applications.

Simple configuration

Built with security, performance, and ease of use as central features. The configuration makes it easy to achieve tight integration and collaboration between ALM & DevOps systems. A simple user interface lets you customize mappings.

High-end customization

Customize business rules and tackle unlikely events of failure.

Flexible licensing

Licensing is flexible to meet your business needs.

And more..!