When syncing the comments from one application to another, the comment author cannot be retained due to the API limitations of these applications.  And so the comment author will always be the sync user configured in ConnectALL. Due to these limitations, the destination applications will lose the comment author information. To overcome this problem, ConnectALL provides a Jira plugin, which will retain the comment author when syncing the comments to Jira; and now to support other platforms including cloud versions of Jira where we cannot install add-ons, we can tell ConnectALL to add the author information into the comment body so that the same can be retained. This article helps you in configuring the ConnectALL application to sync the comment author information as comment body to the destination applications. 


  1. Stop the ConnectALL core service.
  2. Navigate to $MULE_HOME/conf directory.
  3. Open ConnectAll.properties in your preferred editor.
  4. Add the below property in the end of the file.

  5.  Start the ConnectALL core service.

The comment author information is prefixed to the comment body in the wiki formatting and is not applicable for the update parsing logic used for syncing comment edits between HP ALM and JIRA.


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