ConnectALL DOORS Quality Center Integration

Syncing frequency

Typically once at night, or on demand

As frequently as every minute or on any schedule you set, as well as on demand.

Syncing issues

Appears to go through all DOORS objects on every sync, heavy process that does not always complete successfully.  This is why the sync is typically only run once per night. 

One direction from DOORS to Quality Center only.

Light weight, picking up recent changes, retries on failures or lost connectivity. 

Bi-directional integration (or one way if you wish).

Unicode Double char support




Everyone that needs to see the synchronization by default gives you view to all settings and mappings.  Or you have no permissions to see anything at all.

So all users are seeing things in other projects as well as admin settings. 

Passwords not securely stored.

Admin sees everything.  Admin can create groups and assign leads (Group Leads). Groups Leads can see and their projects and setting only.

Users do not see any settings or have direct access, ConnectALL works seamlessly in the background.

Account integrations, passwords are all encrypted.

Installation support

Can not be done without IBM consulting and cost is very high.

Can be done without Consulting.

Installation complexity

Complex and brittle

One install shield, fairly straight forward


Complex and brittle


Mapping changes saved


Yes, with comments and ability to roll back or forward.

Mappings available out of the box



Support for other integrations


Yes.  Many to Many DOORS to DOORS to Quality Center, Jira, TFS, Rally, ClearQuest, etc.