ConnectALL’s Value Stream Management Platform integrates an unlimited number of tools in your software development and delivery value stream for seamless collaboration, bi-directional information capture and exchange, automated event triggering, and much more. ConnectALL VSMP is platform-independent and can be deployed onto any environment that supports Java 8. It has been tested on multiple Windows server platforms as well as Unix/Linux systems. The installation can be done in Windows and Linux environments. Before you begin the installation, familiarize yourself with the following:

  • Hardware and software requirements (provided here). To get the highest quality experience, it’s recommended that you install ConnectALL on a dedicated server, purpose-built for integration.
  • Information about the databases you can use. (Check the supported databases here.) The core databases ConnectALL works with are MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. We recommend installing the DB server in a different host. (But ConnectALL Insights Analytics Common Data Model can have a dedicated database server or utilize the same database server of the ConnectALL VSMP.) During the installation process, you will need the database URL’s port information along with the username and password of the database.
  • The database drivers you will need, depends on the database you use. (You can download the drivers for various databases from here.)
  • You will be able to have two separate users — a read-write ConnectALL database user to set up the ConnectALL VSMP and Insights databases, and another user (read-only) for Insights Analytics that allows ConnectALL Insights Analytics to connect to the database in a safe manner. So have both the user credentials ready.

  • ConnectALL is managed through a web browser interface that is optimized for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

During installation, you can choose to deploy the individual components that you need in your environment. ConnectALL can be up and running in an hour. Once running, integration between any two systems can be accomplished in minutes, depending on the records.


The ConnectALL VSMP is composed of two functional components — a GUI that is deployed to Tomcat, and the sync engine or the core. Similar to ConnectALL VSMP, ConnectALL Insights Analytics Common Data Model needs a database server and a WEB-UI running via Tomcat. ConnectALL is set up as its own tier and is a central point of communication between all application instances connected. However, individual mapping for different adapters needs to be created.