Synchronization Report

This report presents the latest Application Link Usage data and a Success/Failure graph. The Application Link Usage data is presented in a Pie-chart format. In this Pie-Chart, each slice represents an app-link. The chart legend displayed just above the Pie-Chart provides information about the individual slices.  If you want to remove an individual slice (app-link), you can click the colored brick beside an app-link name (displayed in the legend area), and the slice will be removed from the pie-chart. Note that the name of the removed app-link is displayed in strikethrough font. In addition to this, the application link usage is listed with the activity details, date, and Record ID under the pie-chart. You will be able to mention the number of records to be listed in the Count field.  

Sync'ed Records

Records Synced Over a Period of Time

This report shows the number of records synchronized over the specified period.

When the chart icon on the right column is selected it will display the number of records synchronized for each day of the selected dates.

Application Statistics

The statistics widget displays a graph that shows a graphical representation of the number of created and updated records. 

Admin users can also access the reports related to the app-links in their group.