The Connections feature helps you to manage the connection credentials, used across various application links. The connections screen enables you to:

  • Create new connection
  • Update/Edit existing connections
  • Linking an existing name with an application name
  • Delete Connection
  • Find the number of connections that are configured for a URL or user credentials.
  • Sharing connection across multiple groups

Create New Connection

Note: You have to be a part of a user group to create a new connection.

To create a new connection, follow the below procedure:

  1. Click Connections in the top navigation bar.  The Manage Connections screen will be displayed.

  2. Click Add Connection. The Save Connections screen is displayed.
  3. Select the required application from the Application Type drop-down menu. 

  4. Enter the following details, and click Save. If you have edited the existing information, click Save and Update.
    1. Connection Name
    2. URL
    3. User Name
    4. Password
    5. Time Zone


Points to Remember
  • You can select the timezone where your application server is installed, and ConnectALL automatically calculates the time difference based on the selected timezone. 
  • The timezone that you select on this screen, becomes a part of this connection and will be used whenever you use this connection in an app-link.
  • If you select a timezone here, you need not configure the time difference when you are configuring an app-link.  Incase If you have done both, the timezone takes precedence.  If you don't select a timezone, the time-difference configured in an app-link will be considered.

Update/Edit Existing Connection

To update an existing connection, follow the below procedure:

  1. Click Connections from the top navigation bar. The screen displays the existing connections. 

  2. Select the connection name against the application type. To do that, click the pencil icon under the Action column, against the Application Type. The Save Connections screen is displayed.

  3. Edit the required fields, and click Save and Update.  
    Note: The logs that appear (highlighted) in the bottom of the screen indicates the status of your update. 

Linking an existing application with a connection name

To provide a connection name to an application, that have been used in an application link, follow the below procedure:

  1.  Click the Configuration drop-down menu. 
  2. Click Connections. The screen displays all the applications that has been used in the application links, and the corresponding number of app-links that are configured with the application.

  3. Click the number displayed under the AppLinks configured column. The Related Application links screen is displayed. 
  4. Click Relate Links. A confirmation, "Application Links associated with the connection has been updated" appears.
  5. Click OK

Your application link is now displayed with a connection name.

Points to Remember
  • If an app-link does not have a connection name, It cannot be modified. If you try to modify, the error, "Map the application link with the appropriate connection name" is displayed. 
  • It is possible to create duplicate connection information with multiple connection names.
  • If a connection configured in an app-link is not listed under the Manage Connections screen, you can add that new connection and then view the stats and relate the app-links.

Delete Connection

ConnectALL allows you to delete an un-used connection. If you are facing a scenario where you have multiple connections (with the same URL and credentials), it is recommended that you delete all the duplicate, unused connections.

To delete a connection, follow the below procedure:

  1. Click Configurations menu drop-down.
  2. Click Connections. The Manage Connections screen is displayed.
  3. Click the dustbin icon under the Action column, against the required application.

You have deleted the required connection. 

Points to Remember
  • If an URL is a part of multiple app-links, you will not be allowed to delete the connection. In such a scenario, the below displayed message appears.

  • If there are multiple connection names with the same URL and user credentials, you will not be allowed to relate it to an app-link.  In such a scenario, the below displayed message appears.


Number of App Links configured with an Application Type

You can find out the number of app-links that are configured with a particular application.  You can either do a search based on the application type or based on the URL.  To do that, follow the below procedure.

  1. Click the Configuration drop-down menu.
  2. Select Connections option.
  3. Click the Application Type dropdown and select the required application (or) enter the application URL.
  4. Click Apply Filter. The below screen is displayed, with the following information.
    1. Application Type   
    2. Connection Name
    3. URL associated with the connection name.
    4. No of app-links configured with that application type. 

Connections and Group Associations
  • If an existing app-link is associated with a specific group or multiple groups, then, the connection(s) related to that particular app-link will also be associated with that group.
  • A connection can be shared across multiple groups. Hence, if any user belonging to one specific group logs in, that user can view all the other group’s information with which the connection is shared.
  • As a connection can be shared by multiple groups, any changes to the connection information (in a connection), will impact all the app-links and the groups associated with that connection.
  • A CA-ADMIN controls an entire connection if a connection is not shared by any group.


ConnectALL extends the manage connections feature by exposing it as a ReST resource, that can be consumed by the users to manage them externally. ReST resource is documented in Developer's Guide.