The Dashboard is the home/Default page after logging into ConnectALL. Most ConnectALL pages are accessible from the top navigation bar (1), or from the options available under the settings menu (cogwheel icon), lifebuoy icon, and the user icon. 

The Dashboard offers:

  • Activity Monitor that offers a snap-shot of real-time activity (2)
  • Value Stream Visualizer (3) and access to logs (from the eyeball icon)
  • The ability to adjust the synchronization Schedule
  • Success and failure records and management

Click here to know more about this and Dashboard in detail.

Create Connection

The Value Stream Designer allows you to create a new connection directly from it.

To create a new connection,

  1. Click the Value Stream option in the navigation bar. The Value Stream Designer screen is displayed
  2. Click an application icon displayed under the Adapters tab and drag it into the value stream layout

  3. Click the '+' symbol on the application icon. The Save Connections dialogue box is displayed.

  4. Enter the details such as Connection Name, URL, User Name, Password, and Time Zone.

  5. Click Save to save the connection.

You have created a new connection. The new connection created will also displayed on the Manage Connections screen (displayed below). This screen can be also opened by clicking on Connections on the navigation bar. Read the Connections topic to know more.

Create App-Link

The next step is to create an app-link using the connections you created. You can create the app-links too from the Value Stream Designer. To create an app-link,

  1. Add a line between the two connections. To add a line, take the mouse pointer to the application icon, left click on the mouse, hold it, and move the pointer towards the other application. The line that connects the two connections will have the text ‘Link’ in the middle of the connection line.

  2. Click that displayed text (<Link>) and add a name for the app-link. Once you have added a name, a '+' icon will be displayed next to the added name. 

  3. Click on the '+' icon and click OK to the prompt. The Entity Mapping page will be displayed with the metadata fields for both the applications under the Integration Properties heading.
  4. Select the required properties and click Save - Draft.

After you save, the app-link screen will be displayed, and you will be able to modify/enable/delete/clone the application link that you have just created. Also, you will be able to directly Enable, View, and Edit and an existing app-link from the Value Stream layout. To do that, click the + symbol displayed on the app-link, and a prompt will be displayed offering you the options to Enable, View, and Edit an app-link.

Note: Another way to create app-links is by clicking on the Integrations option on the top navigation bar. It is explained here.


To know more about Value Stream Designer, Value Stream Visualization.

An application instance may be used in as many application links you want. For a new application instance, a new license must be purchased. Licenses are per application instance.