The ‘Export’ feature allows you to export data from a ConnectALL installation so that it can be imported into a different ConnectALL installation. This can be used to move selected connections and application links to a new ConnectALL installation. Although this function will not prevent you from moving application links from an older to a newer version of ConnectALL, we recommend moving data between installations on the same version. This is intended to be a permanent migration. Once exported, the exported applinks will be permanently disabled on the old server. The ConnectALL data that you can export includes the following: 

  • Connections
  • Application Links
  • Record-links
  • Users & Groups
  • API keys
  • Email configurations (SMTP server config & Email templates)
  • User fields
  • Value stream maps
  • Universal Adapters


The status of the application links upon importing will be retained as is. All the disabled application links will remain disabled and the enabled application links will stay in the enabled status. Therefore, you may want to disable your applinks before doing the export to give you time to examine the imported applinks in the new system before syncing resumes.

Additionally, the current version of ConnectALL does not yet allow you to import the data after you export. As that's the case, we recommend using this feature only when the 'Import' feature is available in another ConnectALL version. Keep checking our Release Notes page for future announcements regarding "Import".


To export, follow the below procedure.

  1. Click the cogwheel icon on the top right corner of the navigation bar.
  2. Click Export ConnectALL from the drop-down menu. You will see the following two options:
    1. Full Export – Selecting this option will export all Groups, Users, Connections, Integrations, API keys, User Fields, value stream maps, Universal Adapters, and Email Configuration from the ConnectALL instance.
    2. Selected Groups – Selecting this option will allow the CA-Admin to export all the data that belongs to a group.
  3. Select the desired option.
  4. Click Export. When you click, ConnectALL will check for any active polls.
    1. If any poll is detected – ConnectALL will display the warning, "One or More Application Link(s) is in process. Please try again once processing gets completed”. Click OK to return to the export screen and wait for the poll to complete.
    2. If no poll is detected – ConnectALL proceeds with the export and will ask for a passcode to export the data.
  5. Enter the passcode and click Export. This procedure should only be executed with assistance from ConnectALL support. Contact our support team for assistance.

You have completed the export.  The exported data will be available in a zip file in the location "$CONNECTALL_HOME/data/" and the exported file name will be ""  where XXXX-XX-XX_XX-XX-XX is the timestamp.

Important Information
  • All the exported application links will be unscheduled and further synchronization will not be allowed. Also, upon completion of the export, you will not be able to do the following actions for the exported application links:
    • Enabling an app-link
    • Disabling an app-link
    • Clone, Edit, Delete from all the screens (Integration, ValueStream, view app-link pages)
  • Unscheduled application links will not be available on the dashboard page.
  • The exported application link will have the word ‘Exported’ after the app-link name when you view an app-link. 
  • You will not be able to export an already exported app-link.
  • Besides application links, you will be able to export all other data any number of times.

Re-enabling/Rescheduling the App-link

Once an application link is exported, it will be unscheduled. Exported application links cannot be re-enabled or rescheduled. Therefore, this export feature should only be used under the direction and guidance of the ConnectALL support team. Please contact our support team.