Starting with version 2.10.20, ConnectALL allows you to use web-based authentication provided by an SSO provider using SAML for on-premise or hosted installations of ConnectALL. (SAML is not available for ConnectALL's multi-tenant SaaS offering.) This document walks you through enabling and configuring SAML for ConnectALL if you are using the below listed SSO providers: 

Important Information
  • When a new user logs in using the ‘authentication Provider’ sign-in button, ConnectALL sends an email to the CA-Admin informing about the login.
  • ConnectALL will then create a profile for the logged-in user with the privileges of a basic user. That user will not be added to any groups.
  • The CA-Admin can add desired additional privileges to the user through the User Management screen and add the user to a group if need be.
  • ConnectALL stores only the usernames of the SAML authenticated users and does not store their passwords. If you want to change the passwords of SAML authenticated users, change them in the respective SSO provider application.
  • However, it is possible to change the passwords of the ConnectALL created users in the ConnectALL application.