You can tune ConnectALL to optimize its performance by increasing or decreasing the values of two concurrent threads(provided in the below procedure). To do this, you have to set the same values for max_threads and concurrent_transaction_threads. Note that, a significantly higher value will take a toll on CPU, and similarly, a significantly lower value will have an impact on the record's throughput via ConnectALL. Therefore, when you are tuning, increase it gradually from the recommended default value of 16.

  1. Stop the ConnectALL core service.
  2. Now, edit the below properties in the MULE_HOME/conf/ file. 

    #Maximum number of receiver threads
    max_threads = 16
    #Number of concurrent transaction receiver threads
    concurrent_transaction_threads = 16
  3. Start the ConnectALL core service.


max_threadsThis is the maximum number of active receiver threads configured for update flow. (i.e.) Processing messages from Virtual Machine queue to either create/update records in the end application.
concurrent_transaction_threadsThis indicates the number of concurrent transactions that can be executed for update flow.


To ensure optimal performance, configure the same values for both the attributes.