Bulk link configuration can be used to change multiple application links at the same time. This works for any set of application links that have the same source and destination application servers. Bulk Link allows you to add, delete, and modify field and value mappings, and change some other settings, but only for fields and field mappings that are in common for the selected applications, projects, and entity types.

Bulk link configuration will display the field mappings that are in common from the application links. For example, if one app-link has field A mapped to field B, and another app-link has A mapped to C, neither of those field mappings will be shown. For bulk link configuration to display a field mapping, even the current value mappings must match exactly; if even one value mapping differs, bulk link configuration will not show that field mapping. Field mappings that are not displayed are not affected by bulk link configuration; they are preserved.

Differences in field configuration settings (such as sync operations), however, are not considered when choosing which field mappings to display; bulk link configuration will show field mappings that have different field configurations. For example, if we have the assignee field mapped and the user search field is turned on in app-link1 but turned off in app-link2, then that user search will be shown as disabled, which is the default configuration. Any change made to that will be reflected in both of the application links.

Bulk link configuration will not allow you to map fields that are mapped differently in the selected app-links. For example, if the Start Date field is mapped to the Begin Date field in one app-link, but it is mapped to the Approval Date field in another app-link, none of those fields will be available for mapping via bulk link configuration. As a consequence, to fix value mapping differences (to make the value mappings the same across multiple app-links), you may have to work with smaller sets of app-links (those that are identical), modify the value mappings to match a larger set of app-links.


  1. To get started, click the cogwheel icon and click the Bulk Link option.  

  2. Select the Connection, and optionally the Project and Issue Type, for the Source and Destination applications and click Search. The application links matching the criteria will be displayed.

  3. Select the application links you wish to modify from the filtered application list and click Configure. The field mappings that are the same across all those app-links will be displayed.
  4. Select the fields from the "Field Mapping" tab, click Add Field Mapping to add the field mapping. Value mappings and field configuration settings can also be configured for the mapped fields. Field mappings can also be deleted.
  5. Once the fields are configured, click Save, provide a description, and click Save Mapping to save the configuration changes.


The Bulk Link Configuration feature supports only the app-links that are related to a connection. You can relate an app-link to a connection if it is not already related. For more information, click here.