Upgrade Using Installer


  1. Ensure the required environment variables listed below are set.
    2. MULE_HOME
    3. JAVA_HOME
  2. Download the ConnectALL installer file.
  3. Stop the ConnectALL core and Tomcat services.  If you did not stop the ConnectALL core and Tomcat services, the installer would do it for you; however, it is always a good practice to stop the services before any upgrade.
  4. Ensure that,
    1. Your database is running, and
    2. You have taken a backup of your database before you start the upgrade.

Upgrade Procedure

Before you start
  • Ensure that you choose the Run as Administrator option when you execute the installer. This enables a smooth upgrade when you upgrade ConnectALL.

  • If you want to upgrade Insights, select the Insights option. The installer will create a new connection to the Insights database and create the Insights schema if it doesn't already exist. Also, if you have an existing Insights schema and a connection, ConnectALL displays a message that a connection already exists during the upgrade. If you choose the ConnectALL Insights Analytics option, the installer upgrades the ConnectALL Insights Analytics component. 

To upgrade, 

  1. Run the installer as you would for an installation, and choose the 'Upgrade' option. After you select the 'Upgrade' option, the following screen is displayed. It would be best if you backed up your database manually to ensure data integrity. If you have not backed up, proceed once you have completed the backup. Continue with the upgrade if you have backed up and want to proceed. 

  2. If you wish to back up your database before proceeding, select No and complete the manual backup of your database. 
  3. After the database has (or has not) been backed up, select Yes to continue with the installation.
  4. Check the location of the Tomcat folder displayed on the screen and change it if you wish to.

  5. The installer displays the components to install/upgrade. Select ConnectALL (along with the other components you wish to upgrade) and continue.

    • Check the required option If you are upgrading ConnectALL Insights Analytics or ConnectALL Insights Database and Connection. If you have an existing ConnectALL Insights connection, note that after you confirm the backup folder (in the Select ConnectALL Backup folder location screen), the installer verifies the Insights version details and displays the current version and the available version. If you are on a lower version, read the information available here to upgrade. 
    • Suppose you are upgrading Tomcat or ConnectALL core service. In that case, an information box is displayed that explains that the installation process upgrades only the ConnectALL installation. If a newer version of Tomcat or ConnectALL core service is required, you will be required to upgrade them manually.
  6. Select the type of database to be configured, and proceed. Now, If the services are not running, you may receive a notification. Start the database service and try again. 
  7. Follow the installation wizard and continue.
  8. The installation (upgrade) begins, and while installing, 'Database is up to date' message is displayed. 
  9. The installation wizard then validates and displays all the available ports. You can change the ports if required and proceed.
  10. An installation summary is displayed. Proceed to the next screen. 
  11. You should see the option to finish once you have reached the end.

You have completed the upgrade. Note that after the upgrade, do not forget to start the Tomcat and ConnectALL core services from the windows services screen.

Tomcat Startup Issue in Version 2.10.28

After you upgrade to ConnectALL version 2.10.28 from version 2.8, Tomcat will not restart, as the contents of the Tomcat folder are retained in the old Tomcat location. To work around this issue,

  • Copy the contents of the Tomcat files manually from the old Tomcat folder located at: apache-tomcat-6.x/conf.

  • Paste the contents to the location — ConnectALL/CATomcat/Conf

  • Restart Tomcat.