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URL Configuration

The DOORS NG adapter supports the 'Basic Auth' authentication model to connect. Configure the DOORS NG URL up to "/rm' (For example, http://localhost:xxx:9080/rm). Along with this, configure the server login user name, password, and timezone details. Make sure you select the UTC option for Time Zone (as shown in the image). 

Project Mapping

Project Area: Select the project list from drop-down list.

Module : Select the module under the Selected Project field.

Ticket Type: Select the ticket type such as Technical Requirement, Functional Requirement.

Note: DOORS NG doesn’t support multi-project configuration.

Field Mapping

The Field Mapping screen displays whether the field is "Creatable", "Updateable" or "Mandatory." Only the fields that have the "Creatable" or "Updateable" set can be used for bi-directional sync. Otherwise, you will need to configure one-way sync. Ex: Case Number, Created Date, etc.

Constants Mapping

The mapping for _constant fields has to be done through value mapping. 


ConnectALL supports some features specific to DOORS NG that helps you to get the mapped meta data details. These are listed below:

  • _MODULE : Helps you to get the mapped module details.
  • _PROJECTAREA: Helps you to get the mapped project area details.
  • _TICKETTYPE: Helps you to get the mapped ticket type details.

Issue Linking

For more information on Issue linking in Doors NG, click here.

Time Difference Configuration

To know how to calculate the time difference, and configure it in the ConnectALL UI,  read the topic Time Difference Configuration.